Icona Pop (Feat. Zebra Katz) – “My Party”

Icona Pop

Icona Pop

Lovin’ this beat. The vocal interpretation of the classic song hits the spot. Yes, you should play this at your next party.

Ditt Inre – “Värd mer än guld”

Ditt Inre - Värd mer än guld

Ditt Inre - Värd mer än guld

If I was trapped on an island and could only choose 5 bands to listen to, these guys would be one of them. I don’t know about you, but that’s saying a lot considering there are a shit load of brilliant musicians out there. Ditt Inre deserves no less attention in my opinion. I fell in love since their debut EP released last year. My connection to their music is so deep that I know the other me in all the parallel universes feel the same.

You can stream the whole album below, but you should also give them your money:

[LP released September 3, 2013]

Postiljonen – “When All The Wild Things Die”


I can not put into words how much I love Postiljonen and their music. Here is a new track they just released from their Facebook page, When All The Wild Things Die. It is one of their first songs they made as a band and it isn’t on their brilliant LP that was released a few months ago. Very impressive. This band is heaven sent.

Ditt Inre – “Formulär 1A”

Ditt Inre

What? Me? Obsessed? Psshhh – whatever. Okay, maybe. Just a little. Okay, I admit. Obsession is an understatement! I love this duo – they seem to not know how to make music that is less than perfect.

Formulär 1A is another song from their upcoming LP, Värd mer än guld. The special premiere is found in No Fear of Pop. I’m not allowed to post the Soundcloud audio directly on my site (yet) so you’ll have to go directly to their site:


Ditt Inre – “Vi kommer aldrig bli som er”

Ditt Inre

Ditt Inre is hands down one of my favorite new bands of 2012-2013. Their music is a beautiful edition to this world. I’m so ecstatic about their upcoming debut LP, Värd mer än guld, set to be released on September 3, 2013 under the brilliant Cascine label. You would be excited too if you heard their sexy 2012 EP release En Värld I Brand.

And yea, these guys are also Swedish. I don’t know what all these damn Swedes are up to — probably world domination. They’ve already dominated MY world. Everyone in that country can’t stop spitting out beautiful music.

Check them out and prepare to let your heart melt. Here are two singles that will appear in their upcoming LP debut:

Here is a gorgeous song that only seems to be available as a single:

Elliphant EP

Elliphant EP


Surprise, surprise — here is another Swede that has stolen my heart. Ellinor Olovsdotter performs as Elliphant and her music is like a mix of Santigold and M.I.A. She is perhaps the sexiest edition of 2013. Looking forward to hearing more.

[EP release date: January 20, 2013]

Postiljonen – “Skyer”

Postiljonen - Skyer

I fell in love hard when I first heard these guys just a couple of weeks ago. I have been hooked to the new album ever since. Skyer is definitely one of my favorite new albums of the year so far. Their music takes me to another peaceful place that is so comforting and blissful. The last time I remember very clearly when someone did this exact thing to me was when Ditt Inre released En Värld I Brand last year.

“The music feel grand, dreamy, warm and a little like laying in the grass studying the clouds passing by slowly up in the sky, in a pause from the hectic daily life. Just close your eyes and let yourself be enshrouded by the soft blankets of sound and beautiful interwoven melodies and I’m sure you’ll find your own associations.”
— Meadowmusic.se

PostiljonenPostiljonen is a band from Scandinavia who make a blend of dreamy, poppy, and 80s inspired music. You may notice that I have quite the obsession with Scandinavians — duh, they’re fucking brilliant! In this case, the band is composed of a norwegian gal and two swedish guys.

Skyer is perfect for the summer — it’s made for your lazy days and dreamy nights. Hybris, they’re record label describes them perfectly:

“…they have managed to create a characteristic sound, where ethereal and alluring vocals are interwoven in a mystical, ambient, dreamy and lovable expression. They have been compared to the likes of M83, Sigur Ros, jj and Cocteau Twins. They take inspiration from old black & white movies, the golden 80s, Balearic scenery, sleepless summer nights, and describe themselves as nostalgic daydreamers, which the music reflects perfectly.”

Stream the full album below:

Here is a video for a beautiful song called “Dit bara drömmar når” by Postiljonen in 2012.

[LP release date: July 5, 2013]