2013 Mixtape Vol. 1


I’ve been very late in posting some of my favorites tracks for 2013 so far. So late that I was able to put together 3 playlists at one time! Check out Mixtape number 2 and number 3. I’m looking forward to hearing more new releases coming this year… there are so many awesome new records (and live shows) coming out and I’m excited as fuck. If you’re in Atlanta and wanna go to a show, holla!


“Mixtape cover” by Subdisc.

And there was one song that isn’t available on Soundcloud so I couldn’t put in with the rest of the playlist. Here it is:

Selebrities – “Born Killers”


Cascine is one of my favorite record companies on Earth because they have some of the best bands on their label! Based out of New York, Selebrities released their new album Lovely Things (June 25, 2013). It is highly addictive, smart, and more mature than their previous releases.

Here is another one of my favorite tracks from the new record: