Yamantaka // Sonic Titan – “One”

Yamantaka / Sonic Titan

Yamantaka / Sonic Titan

Holy shit. This is my first time of hearing Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, hailing from Toronto, Canada (originally formed in Montreal). After listening to this new track, One, I went and checked out their release from 2011 — and yup, I fell in love. Needless to say, I have another new release to be überly excited about this fall. Here is the band’s description of their music: “Asian Diasporic psychedelic noh-wave opera group fusing noise, metal, pop and folk music into a multidisciplinary hyper-orientalist cesspool of ‘eastern’ culture in giant monochrome paper sets.” Hell YES.

Their upcoming album Uzu is set to be released October 29, 2013. I. Can. Not. Wait.

The new song is currently available for download:

Uzu Tracklisting:
1. Atalanta
2. Whalesong
3. Lamia
4. Windflower
5. Hall of Mirrors
6. Seasickness Pt. 1
7. Seasickness Pt. 2
8. Bring Me The Hand Of Bloody Benzaiten
9. One
10. Saturn’s Return

Stream their 2011 release YT//ST here:

Since it’s not available, links below are for the 2011 YT//ST release, not the new upcoming release:

London Grammar – “Interlude”

London Grammar

Here is a haunting and very intimate new track from London Grammar, an English art rock trio formed by Hannah Reid, Dot Major, and Dan Rothman. If you haven’t yet, check out their EP that was released February 25, 2013, Metal & Dust. If You Wait LP is to be released on September 1, 2013 (UK only).

They’re touring with the amazing Jaymes Young this fall. I’m sad they’re not coming to Atlanta. :( Check out their 2013 Tour Dates here.

Here is another single really worth checking. Hannah Reid is just perfect.

Here’s the video to the amazing song, Strong:

K-X-P – “II”


Here’s a nice little surprise. II is sophomore release from K-X-P, a Finnish group that infuses sounds of “free jazz, drone, noise, pop, and rock”. Maybe it’s not something that we would normally hear at a party (although I would love to), but I don’t think these guys will have a problem making you move.

[LP release date: February 11, 2013]

Au4 – “Everyone is Everyone (and Everything is Everything)”

Au4 - And Down Goes The Sky

Last night, I was watching one of my favorite TV shows, Continuum, specifically Season 2 – Episode 11. Towards the end of the episode, an awesome song was perfectly placed into the scene. It wasn’t just Continuum’s brilliance of using the right song, but the song itself had great resonance and I had to find out who it was.

Au4 kind of reminds me of the music I listened to in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when I was in high school. I used to listen to a lot more post-rock and even industrial influenced music because it was more easily accessible. I may not feature music like this often on this blog, but I’m proud to share Au4 with you and I hope you give them a try. Their latest LP, …And Down Goes The Sky is available free on their website. The band has done a really good job bringing different styles of sounds in their album. If you like what you hear, support them by donating on iTunes. The song in particular that I’m referring to from the Continuum episode is called “Everyone is Everyone (and Everything is Everything)”.

Stream the song and the rest of the album here: