ERAAS – Initiation

Eraas - Initiation

Eraas - Initiation

One of the best things I spoil myself with is subscribing to Ghostly’s Drip. Ghostly International is one of my favorite record companies simply because they release some of the best shit in the world. ERAAS is under felte, a record company I’m starting to love as well. Ghostly’s Drip shares releases by felte, which I am so grateful for.

ERAAS is just one of those bands that I feel a connection with. Their music is dark and seductive and I can’t get enough of it. You can easily play this LP without skipping it, let it roll and drown in their world of beautiful darkness.

[LP Released November 11, 2013]

Flaamingos – “Self Titled LP”


I was really close to not posting this since I’m trying to post only things I really like. I think I like this more than I think. Does that make sense? Probably not. Maybe I’m indecisive. But the more I listen, the more I find myself appreciating it. I love the catchy, but dark production. It’s addictive. Reminds me of Mr. Gloomy looking for Mrs. Joy. There is kindness and sweetness in the melancholy cave of Flaamingos and I like it.

Stream the whole album here:

[LP release date: August 27, 2013]