Dro Carey – “Brand Ambassador (Deluxe)”

Dro Carey - Brand Ambassador

Dro Carey - Brand Ambassador

Badass hip-hop instrumental mixtape brought to you by Dro Carey from Sydney, Australia. All I have to say is fucking YES.

Stream the 22-track album below:

Jagwar Ma – “Howlin”

Jagwar Ma - Howlin

Jagwar Ma is an Australian duo that makes poppy psychedelic dance music — a discovery I was very happy to find. There’s something nostalgic about the music, but I feel like that about a lot of the music I listen to regularly. I’m totally digging the style musicians are taking nowadays. Howlin’ is a perfect thing to play when you have a gathering with your friends — it’ll keep things upbeat and spread a good feeling.

You can stream the whole album in full on Spotify, but I recommend you support them and buy the album.

You can also stream a couple of songs here:

[LP release date: June 10, 2013]

Willow Beats – “Alchemy EP”

Willow Beats - Alchemy

Willow Beats is an uncle-niece partnership of Narayana Johnson and Kalyani Mumtaz from Melbourne, Australia. They’re “other-worldly” tunes and beats have gained a lot of attention lately, check them out!

Stream the whole album here:

[EP release date: May 24, 2013]