$3.33 – “$ .”


[Post updated 8/19/2013 – see the end]

This, my friends, is a hidden gem. I don’t remember how the hell I found this band, nor can I find ANY damn information on them. I’ve tried googling “$3.33” and “three thirty three” and have had no luck finding out who these guys are and if they have any other releases. It also doesn’t help that all their song titles consist of a line of underscores and a couple of letters. This cringing, but exciting mystery has made me develop a crush on the woman who sings in many of the songs. I can’t help that I’m a sucker for everything awesome!

I think for the majority of people, $3.33 may seem a bit too “experimental” and may require an inquired taste to appreciate. I can appreciate experimental music more than the average person, but trust me, I do have boundaries before I get annoyed and sometimes confused. With this said, I don’t feel like $3.33 pushes my boundaries of being “too weird” (except I could do without the second half of song #8). Frankly, it’s the opposite, I think they’re almost on the perfect side of their genre. But shit, I don’t even know what genre their music would be in. Actually, I kinda dislike trying to label everything I listen to into a genre. That’s like trying to put a label on an individual’s musical preference, political preference, sexual preference, etc. The more you try to, the more you separate yourself from the beauty of just letting it be.

And don’t be fooled, these guys are far from amateur musicians. Give them a proper listen and you may just fall in love, too. They have a knack of adding elements of tease and then when you least expect it, but subconsciously crave, they add their unique charm that makes you stick around and keep listening. At least, that’s what they do for me. The experience may be completely different for you and that’s okay. Since I have NO information on this band, the feeling their music gives me is all I have… and that makes me feel fuzzy inside.

P.S. Hey $3.33, if you happen to see this, that fuzzy feeling won’t be there forever so don’t hide from me. I’d like to eventually learn more about you! :)

UPDATE 8/19/2013: After a day of this post, Celia Hollander – the woman behind $3.33 contacted me to let me know who she was. Yea, I think that’s really cool, too. :) Her websites are still just as mysterious as $3.33. I dig it. And you should read this insightful essay she wrote on music.

Stream the whole album here or buy the album:

[LP release date: February 22, 2013]

2013 Mixtape Vol. 2



“Mixtape cover” by so_may.

Below is another playlist with my favorite songs from 2013. The first song by $3.33 called _AS wasn’t available on Soundcloud, so here it is (from Bandcamp).

And here is the rest…