2014 Mixtape Vol. 7


Here are some of the new things I’ve been listening to lately.

The Playlist:
1. Odesza – Sun Models (featuring Madelyn Grant)
2. Doss – Softpretty (Ellie Herring Remix)
3. Saint Pepsi – Baby
4. Giraffage – Chocolate
5. Lemonade – Durutti Shores
6. Michna – She Exists in My Mind
7. Lord RAJA – Van Go
8. Shabazz Palaces – Forerunner Foray
9. Shura – Touch
10. You’ll Never Get To Heaven – Adorn
11. Tei Shi – Bassically
12. Lemonade – Minus Tide
13. Jessie Ware – Share It All
14. Leon Bridges – Coming Home
15. Tops – Sleeptalker
16. Keep Shelly in Athens – Fractals
17. lo sé – Time
18. Vogue Dots – Thunder
19. Babe Rainbow – Dub Music
20. Chromatics – Blue Moon

Featured image by Kieron Cropper aka CUR3ES

2014 Mixtape Vol. 6


I know it’s been awhile, been here’s mixtape #6! Until I have more time, I’m not going to be able to manage this blog with individual new songs and albums as much. I’m just gonna post playlists for now. Also, check out my personal blog, I’ll be putting music up there every once in awhile.

There’s some good shit in this one. And keep a look out, I’m mixtape #7 in the next few days. :) Enjoy!

1. Beta Frontiers – So Cold (feat. Carmen Elle)
2. Allie X – Bitch
3. Ellie Herring – Cool It
4. Wondagurl – The North
5. Jazmine Sullivan – Dumb (feat. Meek Mill)
6. Pandr Eyez – Don’t Hurt ‘Em
7. White Hex – Gold
8. Dance With The Dead – Waves
9. Dallas Campbell – Stardust
10. Flying Lotus – Flotus
11. Brett – Inside
12. Lusine – Quiet Day
13. ToKiMonsta – Realla (feat. Anderson Paak)
14. James Pants – Soon
15. Christopher Willits – Clear

Featured image by Hallwood

2013-2014 Mixtape Vol. 5

Alison Scarpulla

Alison Scarpulla


1. Tycho – Awake
2. City Society – Bermuda
3. Dazed Digital – Slidin’
4. Moko – Honey Cocaine
5. After the Smoke – D.E.A.D.
6. Sage the Gemini – Gas Pedal (Remix by MSSL CMMND)
7. Broods – Bridges
8. Clams Casino – Melthru
9. Gems – Medusa
10. Idesia – Onacloud
11. Sylvan Esso – Coffee
12. Shy Girls – Second Heartbeat
13. Ed Thomas – On My Own
14. Con Vos – Coast
15. Tei Shi – Nevermind the End
16. Cuushe – Sort of Light
17. Warpaint – Biggy
18. Stacey – Worst Part
19. The Neighbourhood – Unfair
20. The Neighbourhood – Silver

“Mixtape cover” by one of my favorite photographers, Alison Scarpulla.

2013 Mixtape Vol. 4

Carolina Nino

Carolina Nino

Here is another installment of some of my favorite new music so far. Hope you enjoy the music as much as I do! :)

“Mixtape cover” by the amazing Carolina Nino.

2013 Mixtape Vol. 3


This playlist (of new songs from 2013) in particular is super chill. For a little more beats, check out #1.

I really wanted to add a Sigur Rós song to this public playlist (right before the new Explosions in the Sky song), but it’s not available on Soundcloud. The song I wanted to put is Stormur from their new album Kveikur. Check out this blog post about the song and ever evolving music video.


“Mixtape cover” by colerise.

2013 Mixtape Vol. 2



“Mixtape cover” by so_may.

Below is another playlist with my favorite songs from 2013. The first song by $3.33 called _AS wasn’t available on Soundcloud, so here it is (from Bandcamp).

And here is the rest…

2013 Mixtape Vol. 1


I’ve been very late in posting some of my favorites tracks for 2013 so far. So late that I was able to put together 3 playlists at one time! Check out Mixtape number 2 and number 3. I’m looking forward to hearing more new releases coming this year… there are so many awesome new records (and live shows) coming out and I’m excited as fuck. If you’re in Atlanta and wanna go to a show, holla!


“Mixtape cover” by Subdisc.

And there was one song that isn’t available on Soundcloud so I couldn’t put in with the rest of the playlist. Here it is: