SZA – “Julia” and “Teen Spirit”

Two new surprises from SZA!! I love this woman. Her voice and music won’t let you down. The first one is my favorite.


Sigur Rós’ Instagram “Stormur” Video

Sigur Ros has set up a website that collects videos from Instagram with the tag #Stormur and uploads them to their site that plays into an ever-evolving music video. That means the video I see won’t be what anyone else sees. Every video is unique to the viewer. Check out the video here.


Selebrities – “Born Killers”


Cascine is one of my favorite record companies on Earth because they have some of the best bands on their label! Based out of New York, Selebrities released their new album Lovely Things (June 25, 2013). It is highly addictive, smart, and more mature than their previous releases.

Here is another one of my favorite tracks from the new record:

Classixx – “A Stranger Love”