Jagwar Ma – “Howlin”

Jagwar Ma - Howlin

Jagwar Ma is an Australian duo that makes poppy psychedelic dance music — a discovery I was very happy to find. There’s something nostalgic about the music, but I feel like that about a lot of the music I listen to regularly. I’m totally digging the style musicians are taking nowadays. Howlin’ is a perfect thing to play when you have a gathering with your friends — it’ll keep things upbeat and spread a good feeling.

You can stream the whole album in full on Spotify, but I recommend you support them and buy the album.

You can also stream a couple of songs here:

[LP release date: June 10, 2013]

Washed Out – “Paracosm”

Washed Out - Paracosm

Washed Out - Paracosm

When I first discovered Washed Out a few years ago, I became an immediate fan. Ernest Greene knows how to make music that takes me to another place, a place that encourages me to chill and calmly absorb the sunshine and flowers around me. I’ve been anticipating his new release, Paracosm, and it certainly didn’t let me down. I highly recommend everyone giving it a listen, it may enlighten you.

Washed Out is touring this fall, but no Atlanta date. :(

Stream a few tracks below or buy the LP release:

[LP release date: August 13, 2013]

múm – Smilewound

Múm - Smilewound

Múm - Smilewound

It’s been awhile since their last release, but it was worth the wait. Smilewound is beautiful, charmingly dark, and experimental in a poppy fashion.

Stream the whole album on Pitchfork.

[LP released September 3, 2013 Worldwide – September 17, 2013 US]

Billow Observatory (Self Titled LP)

Billow Observatory

Billow Observatory

If case you haven’t noticed, I love floating.

[LP released December 4, 2012 – but I heard it when Ghostly International released it February 5th]

Ditt Inre – “Värd mer än guld”

Ditt Inre - Värd mer än guld

Ditt Inre - Värd mer än guld

If I was trapped on an island and could only choose 5 bands to listen to, these guys would be one of them. I don’t know about you, but that’s saying a lot considering there are a shit load of brilliant musicians out there. Ditt Inre deserves no less attention in my opinion. I fell in love since their debut EP released last year. My connection to their music is so deep that I know the other me in all the parallel universes feel the same.

You can stream the whole album below, but you should also give them your money:

[LP released September 3, 2013]

Bird Call – “Will We Get To Mars?”

Bird Call - Will We Get To Mars

Damn, Brooklyn – you can’t stop spitting out brilliant artists, can you? Bird call is comprised of singer and musician Chiara Angelicola and producer Bryan Senti. I’m so glad I found these guys (thanks Pigeons and Planes).

As I’m streaming the album for the first time, I’m completely hooked and somewhat mesmerized. My ears are addicted to this collaboration with Chiara and Bryan, there is no need to skip a track. I feel like they’re filling in an unknowingly empty gap in my “lustful for music” heart. So fulfilling, yet mysterious. The music reminds me of something very mature and dark, it’s hard for me to explain. Then I found that Pigeons and Planes describe what I’m thinking perfectly: “…tracks that feel like old world jazz infused with the beats and sonic textures of now—Angelicola’s compelling, rich vocals have a classic tone that’s endlessly enhanced by Senti’s orchestral production and attention to detail.”

Thank you, Bird Call. Thank you so goddamn much.

Stream the whole album here or better yet, support them and buy their debut album:

[LP release date: September 3, 2013]

Little Daylight – “Tunnel Vision”

Little Daylight Tunnel Vision EP

Very impressive debut EP from Brooklyn Trio, Little Daylight. If you like energetic and fun 80s influenced indie-pop music, you’ll love this band. Looking forward to seeing more from this new band. They’re touring this fall – catch them if you can.

Stream a few of the songs directly from here or better yet, buy it:

[EP release date: August 20, 2013]

Louis Futon – “Alright Alright EP”

louis futon

Refreshing with a badass kick. Louis Futon is a duo of producers from Philadelphia. These two guys look young enough to be my kids — if I decided to have babies in high school, I mean. Maybe I just feel old when I see all these amazing young people making music that I can blast on my car or headphones.

Their short 3-song EP is currently available for free to download. Stream it here:

Here is another track that isn’t on their EP:

[EP release date: August 25, 2013]

Flaamingos – “Self Titled LP”


I was really close to not posting this since I’m trying to post only things I really like. I think I like this more than I think. Does that make sense? Probably not. Maybe I’m indecisive. But the more I listen, the more I find myself appreciating it. I love the catchy, but dark production. It’s addictive. Reminds me of Mr. Gloomy looking for Mrs. Joy. There is kindness and sweetness in the melancholy cave of Flaamingos and I like it.

Stream the whole album here:

[LP release date: August 27, 2013]

Julianna Barwick – “Nepenthe”

Julianna Barwick - Nepenthe

It’s artists like Julianna Barwick that contributes to a lot of the beautiful feelings I have for getting to live on this earth — like a drug. This overwhelmingly beautiful LP will make you evaporate into the sky.

Julianna is from Louisiana and raised in Missouri. She currently lives in Brooklyn. She’s touring with Sigur Rós this fall. Don’t miss it.

I’m sad that I can’t embed the whole album in this post, you’ll have to stream it via Gorilla vs Bear. Better yet, just frackin’ buy it.

Here is one song I’m able to embed:

[LP release date: August 20, 2013]