I constantly fall in love with music. This site features what I fall in love with.

Space is the placeHi. My name is Sinoun (pronounced ‘sinoon’ in English). I made this website (launched August 2013) — something I should have made 10 years ago. It allows me to keep better track of all the wonderful art being created in this world. Sharing awesome music I find has always been a passion of mine because I believe that if I can spread the feelings music bestows on me, the world would be a better place.

You’ll notice that I’m all over the place and I don’t just listen to one type of music. I will only strive to put music I like, enjoy, and love on this website. I know I probably miss a lot of great music so if you think I might like something, let me know.

I hope you enjoy! I love to hear from people, so stop by and say hi. If you are in Atlanta, holla at me if you want to go to a show together!

The site is responsive so it can be easily streamed on your mobile phone. Also, please listen responsibly — and use your headphones or decent speakers (not your phone or laptop speakers, chump).

** Note: I’m working on an official logo for Since 3083 — and gonna make awesome t-shirts… Stay tuned.

You can email me at sinoun@since3083.com or send me a direct email using the form below.

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