2014 Mixtape Vol. 7


Here are some of the new things I’ve been listening to lately.

The Playlist:
1. Odesza – Sun Models (featuring Madelyn Grant)
2. Doss – Softpretty (Ellie Herring Remix)
3. Saint Pepsi – Baby
4. Giraffage – Chocolate
5. Lemonade – Durutti Shores
6. Michna – She Exists in My Mind
7. Lord RAJA – Van Go
8. Shabazz Palaces – Forerunner Foray
9. Shura – Touch
10. You’ll Never Get To Heaven – Adorn
11. Tei Shi – Bassically
12. Lemonade – Minus Tide
13. Jessie Ware – Share It All
14. Leon Bridges – Coming Home
15. Tops – Sleeptalker
16. Keep Shelly in Athens – Fractals
17. lo sé – Time
18. Vogue Dots – Thunder
19. Babe Rainbow – Dub Music
20. Chromatics – Blue Moon

Featured image by Kieron Cropper aka CUR3ES

2014 Mixtape Vol. 6


I know it’s been awhile, been here’s mixtape #6! Until I have more time, I’m not going to be able to manage this blog with individual new songs and albums as much. I’m just gonna post playlists for now. Also, check out my personal blog, I’ll be putting music up there every once in awhile.

There’s some good shit in this one. And keep a look out, I’m mixtape #7 in the next few days. :) Enjoy!

1. Beta Frontiers – So Cold (feat. Carmen Elle)
2. Allie X – Bitch
3. Ellie Herring – Cool It
4. Wondagurl – The North
5. Jazmine Sullivan – Dumb (feat. Meek Mill)
6. Pandr Eyez – Don’t Hurt ‘Em
7. White Hex – Gold
8. Dance With The Dead – Waves
9. Dallas Campbell – Stardust
10. Flying Lotus – Flotus
11. Brett – Inside
12. Lusine – Quiet Day
13. ToKiMonsta – Realla (feat. Anderson Paak)
14. James Pants – Soon
15. Christopher Willits – Clear

Featured image by Hallwood

2013-2014 Mixtape Vol. 5

Alison Scarpulla

Alison Scarpulla


1. Tycho – Awake
2. City Society – Bermuda
3. Dazed Digital – Slidin’
4. Moko – Honey Cocaine
5. After the Smoke – D.E.A.D.
6. Sage the Gemini – Gas Pedal (Remix by MSSL CMMND)
7. Broods – Bridges
8. Clams Casino – Melthru
9. Gems – Medusa
10. Idesia – Onacloud
11. Sylvan Esso – Coffee
12. Shy Girls – Second Heartbeat
13. Ed Thomas – On My Own
14. Con Vos – Coast
15. Tei Shi – Nevermind the End
16. Cuushe – Sort of Light
17. Warpaint – Biggy
18. Stacey – Worst Part
19. The Neighbourhood – Unfair
20. The Neighbourhood – Silver

“Mixtape cover” by one of my favorite photographers, Alison Scarpulla.

Retro Future (Compilation)

Violent Success Presents: Retro Future

Violent Success Presents: Retro Future

One of the best releases of 2013.

Yumi Zouma – “The Brae”

Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma

I’m head over heals in love with this song. A new artist from New Zealand from my favorite Cascine. Can’t wait to hear more from her.

Here’s another good feeling single that was released recently:

Wildarms – “Just For Love EP”



Another gem from Cascine. This charming electronic beauty is just right for your melancholic sunny days.

RIYL: Odesza, Crystal Castles

[LP Released December 17, 2013]

ERAAS – Initiation

Eraas - Initiation

Eraas - Initiation

One of the best things I spoil myself with is subscribing to Ghostly’s Drip. Ghostly International is one of my favorite record companies simply because they release some of the best shit in the world. ERAAS is under felte, a record company I’m starting to love as well. Ghostly’s Drip shares releases by felte, which I am so grateful for.

ERAAS is just one of those bands that I feel a connection with. Their music is dark and seductive and I can’t get enough of it. You can easily play this LP without skipping it, let it roll and drown in their world of beautiful darkness.

[LP Released November 11, 2013]

Gems – “Medusa EP”

Gems - Medusa

Gems - Medusa

I’m at a lost of words. But who needs words to describe love? Just listen and feel for yourself.

[EP released November 13, 2014]

Banda Magda – “Amour, t’es là?”

Banda Magda - Amour, t'es là?

Banda Magda -  Amour, t'es là?

I was watching Louis CK Season 3 on Netflix last night and in addition to being inspired to change my name to Tape Recorder, I was also intrigued by the wonderful score playing in the background. Shazam didn’t know what the hell was playing so I dug a little deeper and discovered greek-born singer, accordionist, film scorer and composer Magda Giannikou was hired by Louis CK to provide original music for the show! I was quite sad to also discover the music isn’t available for download, but then I was happy again when I discovered Giannikou’s 30+ piece band – Banda Magda.

“Banda Magda moves from baiao to jazz manouche, from Greek dance rhythms to samba beats. Their songs, sung in French (with forays into six other languages), hearken back to the golden age of Brazilian bossa, the best of cinematic arranging, and the lush chic of vintage French pop, all while drawing on the band’s global background.”

Man, I would kill to see these guys live.

[LP Released July 12, 2013]

Yelle – “L’Amour Parfait”

Yelle - L'Amour Parfait

Yelle - L'Amour Parfait

I can’t believe I missed this. I loved their 2011 LP, Safari Disco Club. I even got my 10 year old sister (8 at the time) addicted to it — she’d request to hear them all the time and even though it was mostly in French, she would sing along to it the best she could. I just discovered this song last night and I think I’ve already played it at least 20 times.